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Shwaggy musste krankheitsbedingt leider absagen. Statt dessen kommt Coco Aikura:

Coco Aikura is a German artist, composer and performer. As a piano player from Lüneburg, Germany, Coco Aikura has been at home in the music world since she was six years old. She performed at classical music competitions in Germany. At 19, she hitchhiked around the world alone with a backpack for 14 months. She learned to play guitar and played on the streets of Mexico City, Sydney and Bali. In 2012, her musical career took off: she co-founded the band Yalta Club in Paris, which released its eponymous debut album (Radicalis, Atmosphériques, Factory 92, FKP Skopio) to great success. Concerts, festivals and TV appearances followed in France (L’Emission Antoine Caunes, France 3 Régions), but also in Germany (ZDF Morgen Magazin), Austria and Switzerland. A few years later, the second album „Hybris“ ran on French and German radio stations. As a part of Yalta Club, Coco (vocals, keyboard) went on to open for Madness, Les Wampas and Dionysos and played festivals in front of M, Lily Wood and the Prick or even Cats on Trees. 

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